Zipper Door Installation

Zipper Door Installation

Instructions for installing this zipper door

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After you have completely finished shrinking the Shrinkfilm, locate exactly where you want to put the door, then size it up by holding the door up against the shrink wrap to make sure there is room to fit the door where you have decided to put it. Then on the BACK SIDE of the door (Fig-1), there is a strip of 1” wide (pink in color) double-sided tape. Peel the pink liner off the tape and carefully place the door where you want it, while slightly smoothing the wrinkles out of the door and pressing it to the shrink wrap. If you need to slightly move the door, give it a quick jerk to release the tape, and then re-attach it.

This double tape is not intended to hole the door on permanently. It is there so you can get it positioned where you want it and hole it in place, while you tape it on with 4” sealing tape. Tape all 4 sides of the door with the 4” sealing tape (Fig-2).   After the door is installed and tapped (Fig-2), zip the door open and cut the Shrinkfilm out making a hole approximately the size of the zipper opening, then zip the door closed.


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