Notice to all Shrinkwrappers

As you may have experienced in the past, one of your biggest problems is
having good tape that will not come loose or that will last through the season.

FPM Inc has developed a tape that will solve those problems

We have developed a 9mil tape with a very aggressive acrylic adhesive that will not come off once applied to the Shrinkfilm. This tape has a life expectancy of up to 4+ years. This tape has a liner on it, which makes it
very user-friendly. You can simply cut off the length you need, peel the liner and apply it to the Shrinkfilm, or you can just use it off the roll like any other tape. It’s easy to use with less waste.

This tape has a very aggressive adhesive and is not recommended to be used on a boat hull or any other items you may be shrink wrapping (when applied to the Shrinkfilm correctly it will not come off) until you take it off. This tape is not perforated and cannot be torn. We recommend cutting the tape, so you will have smooth edges, and it will perform much better than if the edges are ragged and stretched out from tearing it.

Available in 2”, 3”, 4”, & 6” x 48’ long white only. Prices below.

This tape was especially designed and highly recommended
To be used with Intercept films

2” x 48’ $ 6.00/roll
3” x 48” $ 9.00/roll
4” x 48’ $12.00/roll
6” x 48’ $18.00/roll

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