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Top reasons Intercept is superior to other anti-corrosion products

Companies across many industries such as automotive, electronics, military contractors, aerospace, equipment, parts, and more, are finding that reusable Intercept packaging is saving them money and promoting efficiency within their business. In addition to the benefits for the business, Intercept reusable packaging is good for the environment.

Let’s check out some more reasons to choose Intercept reusable packaging:

1. Un-matched quality: Intercept packaging stands up to the test of time, in excess of 10 years.
2. Durability: You can find the Intercept products that best fits your needs. Intercept is available in the following products: Intercept Fabric, (a very durable, weather-resistant,
nylon fabric lined with Static Intercept), Intercept Woven Scrim, 6mil – 8mil Shrink Film, and 4mil – 6mil for making bags. These products can easily fit within trays and around containers to protect your items from rust and corrosion.
3. ESD protection: Our Static Intercept will protect all your electronic items. It is static dissipative, so it will safely dissipate static charges over and over again to keep your most sensitive electronic safe, long term. It performs as promised in all weather, wet or dry, and
hot or cold.
4. Corrosion protection: You can trust that your items will stay safe, clean, and free from corrosion within our Intercept products.
5. No outgassing, no volatiles, no oils: Our Intercept products does not outgas or contain any dangerous chemicals, and it will not harm your sensitive items.
6. Long-lasting: Intercept has a virtually unlimited shelf-life and provides long term indoor/outdoor protection. One Intercept product protects all items, unlike our other anti-corrosive products that use a different product for different items.
7. Clean room processed: Intercept products can be clean room processed.
8. Compliance: Intercept is RoHS and REACH complaint.
9. Recyclable: Intercept products are recyclable and good for the environment.
10. Food safe: Some Intercept products can be food-grade processed.

Intercept technology is the number one choice for many companies shipping their products
overseas or experiencing a rust or corrosion problem locally.

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For more information contact Red Bickerstaff @ redb@shrinkwrapping.com or 734-306-4213.