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About FPM Inc


FPM Inc is the world leader in large and small item Shrinkfilm packaging. Fpm revolutionized the packaging industry with the patenting of boat shrinkwrapping in the 1970’s and the patenting of helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft in the 1980’s, as well as custom pre-formed shrink wrap kits in the 1990’s and in the 2000’s. FPM initiates another revolution (INTERCEPT SHRINKFILM) Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion, -Anti-Mold/Mildew with Permanent ESD protection for (15+years) inside storage and (4 year+) outside storage able to withstand nearly any outdoor environment. Intercept Shrinkfilm will protect against Rust & Corrosion in all climates and temperatures ranging from hot and cold to wet or dry.

INTERCEPT SHRINKFILM ™ is the world’s first Shrinkfilm using a non-chemical- emitting, Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Rust, Anti-Mold/Mildew permanent ESD protection.

Developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs, INTERCEPT™ is designed to protect industrial equipment, aircrafts, electronics and mostly anything you would want to protect from rust & corrosion during storage and shipments.

Our Mission

  • To provide state of the art materials, designs and solutions for large and small item Shrinkfilm packaging
  • To exceed our customer’s expectations in material quality and customer service
  • To deliver leading edge solutions to our customer’s packaging problems

“Staying on top of technology is essential to remaining competitive”

Cutting edge technology ensures products that keep our customers coming back.
FPM is always researching new and innovative ways to increase the productive qualities of our already superior Shrinkfilm.

Rust and corrosion during storage and shipping products has long
been a big concern in our industry, FPM solves that problem with a new product called, INTERCEPT

Having manufactured and distributed “High Quality” Shrinkfilm for over 30 years, FPM Incorporated now ups the ante in the Shrinkfilm industry by increasing your long-term storage options.

Working with Shrinkfilm has always had its limitations in regards to long- term storage. Although our Shrinkfilm meets and exceeds the needs of our customers, we felt that increasing the time exposure factor of our Shrinkfilm was the next logical step in its evolution. Imagine being able to store vehicles and machinery in harsh conditions for up to 4 years. Think it’s impossible? Well FPM has made it possible with our new 4+ year expectance Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Rust, Anti-Mold/Mildew permanent ESD protection INTERCEPT SHRINKFILM.

Now in 2015, FPM Inc has upped the ante again by designing and producing another state of the art product: “INTERCEPT FABRIC”.

INTERCEPT FABRIC is a heavy duty 100% polyester fabric with a 5+ year outside life expectancy, lined with Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Rust, Anti-Mold/Mildew permanent ESD protection INTERCEPT™on one side.

INTERCEPT FABRIC is designed to make re-usable Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Rust, Anti-Mold/Mildew permanent ESD protection covers for any size or shape from army tanks and helicopters to machine guns and pistol covers.
No limit on size or shape

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