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The technology was born from the restoration and protection efforts on the Statue of Liberty in New York. The technology was developed at that time by AT&T Bell Laboratories, first for their own use.  It was later patented worldwide by AT&T Bell Labs, additionally by Lucent Technologies (current name: Alcatel Lucent).

Now the technology finds its way into a wide range of products and application fields in order to ensure a robust and more secure protection against corrosion and ESD damage during transport and storage, thereby reducing, in some cases significantly, process costs for the end user.

The technology’s unique method of working allows the user to tackle known problems with new approaches and subsequently increases their competitiveness.

Effective, environmentally friendly and tested many times over: One packaging solution for all materials and applications!

Environmental Award-winning Intercept Technology™ packaging products are a change for the better. Compared to other packaging materials in the same category, Intercept will reduce waste, lower a company’s carbon footprint, and increase product reliability. Simply stated, Intercept packaging is better for the environment, better for our planet.

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